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Buying a Wig


There are many reasons you may be contemplating buying a wig. It may be due to hair loss, or simply you wish to change your look. Whatever the reason you may be nervous of the prospect of buying a wig and unsure of what to look for.


With the huge variety of styles and colours on offer its sensible to attend a Wig Salon so you can see what is available. A specialist wig supplier, like myself, will be able to assist you in choosing the right type, colour and shape to suit you best and help with measuring and fitting, (our location and opening times are on the contact page). Price is of course a consideration and like all things in life, by spending a little more you will get better product , however with wigs starting at around £30 there is something for every budget.


Types of Wigs

The world of wigs introduces you to whole new set of terms that can be initially confusing, but basically wigs are made of two things, real hair (from people) or synthetic fibre.

Real Hair
Real hair wigs are made of real human hair attached to a cap.  You may see them referred to as Remy/Remi hair. Remi specifically refers to virgin hair that has not been treated or coloured before it is cut.  A main source of quality hair is from India as it tends to be naturally straighter and thicker, though hair is sourced from many countries. A Real hair wig will be more expensive than a synthetic wig, however it can be styled, and curled just like your own hair and if you care for it well it will last you a long time.


One thing you need to consider if you buy a Real hair wig is that it has to be treated like real hair, therefore whenever you wash and condition, it will require drying and re-styling, just like your own hair.


Some companies are now producing wigs that are a blend of real and synthetic hair giving you the look of a real hair wig, with the benefit that the synthetic component will hold its styling for  longer.


Synthetic wigs
A synthetic wig is, not surprisingly, made of synthetic fibre and woven onto a cap with an adjustable band inside to ensure a snug fit. The quality of the fibre material can vary and this will affect the price, though synthetic wigs are normally much cheaper than human hair. A good quality modern synthetic wig looks just like real hair and is designed to allow your head to breathe, so even a long style will feel very natural to wear.


Synthetic wigs tend to have a greater range of styles and colours available than real hair and are pre-styled and easy to maintain (see our instructions). Once washed you simply shake and leave to dry. You must however be careful when near heat sources, such as fires or patio heaters and never use a hairdryer, straighteners etc on a synthetic wig.


A good quality synthetic wig will look just like real hair, however you can do a simple test. Lightly hold the  wig in your hand, if it feels and remains cool to the touch it is real, if it warms to the touch it is synthetic.


Some wigs will have a lining in them that you can see through the hair so it looks like your scalp, these are known as monofilament wigs. Monofilament wigs normally command a slightly higher price than a standard woven wig.


Lace Front Wigs
Some wigs have a piece of lace attached to the front which once  trimmed to your hairline is glued to the head using a special adhesive to give the appearance of a more subtle hairline than a non lace wig.

Caring For your Wig


Washing your Synthetic Wig or Hairpiece


To ensure your fibre wig or hairpiece has a long life you should always use care products developed specifically for synthetic wigs. How frequently you wash your wig will also affect how long it last, however washing regularly and with the correct products will help your wig sustain its suppleness, volume and manageability.


Before washing your wig brush gently with a wig brush


Fill a bowl or sink with lukewarm water (never hot) and add the specially formulated wig shampooo to the water, as directed by the manufacturer and mix.


  Note:  NEVER use 'HAIR' products such as shampoo, conditioner or hairspray on your

            synthetic wig as they will affect the life of your wig.


Immerse your wig into the water and swish gently, then leave for 5-10 minutes. Remember to be gentle with your wig, the shampoo will clean and penetrate the wig cap as well as the fibres. Your not washing socks so no rubbing or wringing!


Lift out your wig and replenish with fresh water, now add the wig conditioner, again as directed by the manufacturer. Immerse your wig into the water and swish wig gentle in the solution for a few moments


Finally replenish the bowl with cold clean water and rinse your wig. Lift out and shake off the excess water.


Place your wig on a wig tree or block to dry at room temperature and allow it to dry naturally. You may want to place a towel underneath to protect the surface on which the wig tree is standing.



    NEVER use a hairdryer or any other form of direct heat on your wig
    NEVER brush your wig whilst wet
    NEVER place on a radiator or other heat source to dry
    NEVER rub or towel your wig.


When the wig is Dry, brush it gently back into style. You may wish to use a water soluable Gel or Hair spray (NEVER use Hair Lacquer).


Daily Care

Keep synthetic wigs away from sources of heat and never use heated hair styling products as they will damage the fibre.


Be especially careful around household heat sources such as ovens, fireplaces etc. Even dishwashers can be extremely hot just after the drying cycle. So take sensible precautions. Also be careful when around patio and radiant garden heaters when out and about.


Always store your wig properly, ideally on a wig tree, wig head or block.


Brush your wig gently and don't overdo it. Too much brushing will eventually cause a fibre wig to frizz and is not required as they hold their shape very well if you adopt the regime above.


To increase the life of your wig we strongly recommend using only certified wig products and using our Fibre Oil condition to maintain a natural sleek appearance.


Enjoy your wig.

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